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If you want to keep up-to-date with all the "goings-on" at Central Bucks Animal Hospital be sure to check back here frequently. We will tell you about new equipment and medical procedures we are offering your pet, explain how the newest medications for certain medical problems work, and comment on pet news articles you read about online. And just have some fun occasionally! (You could, just possibly, maybe even find a crazy cat video or two here, sometimes, sort of, if my staff absolutely insists.)

     You Can Now Either Call or Text us on Our Main Telephone Number - 215-773-9494
     (Nov 10, 2018)


We have recently converted our Main Phone Number to be able to accept Texts. So you can now either Call us or Text us on the same Number! As always, we will respond just as soon as we can. 

We hope to hear from you soon!

Finally, a Hilarious Crazy Cat Video Worthy of Posting Here
(Apr 3, 2017)

My Staff insisted that I post this video, since I promised, sort of, above that I would do so for exceptional CCV's (Crazy Cat Videos). This one on is very funny. Make sure you turn on the sound.

Introducing Our New Expanded One-Year 5% CreditBack Rewards Program For 2017
(Dec 30, 2016)


Two years ago, we introduced a Program that would credit your account 5% of your entire bill when you scheduled your pet's Yearly Physical Exam in the same month as the last year. In other words, when you kept your pet up-to-date with the Yearly PE and any needed Vaccinations or Tests, this Program was our 'Thank You' for keeping him or her healthy and protected from many dangerous diseases.

Our clients have really appreciated the savings and have asked if we could expand it.

So starting in 2017, we are introducing our new, expanded CreditBack Program. When you schedule your pet's Yearly Physical Exam in the same month as the last year, you will now receive 5% credit back to your account for anything you purchase for that pet for the next 12 months! This includes all Exam Fees, Medications, Heartworm Preventive, Flea and Tick Products, Pet Foods, Bloodwork and other Diagnostics.

Our Yearly PE Reminder letters we send you will give you more specific details and dates for your pet.

     We Can Now Remove Small Lumps & Bumps on your Pet, No Anesthesia Required!

(Dec 14, 2016)
We have been successfully using our new CryoProbe Tool to remove small lumps and bumps on our patient's skin during routine appointments - without anesthesia and without scheduling special surgery times.

The CryoProbe uses Nitrous Oxide to freeze the lumps, which eventually disappear within 2 weeks after the procedure. You can watch some videos published by the manufacturer here; scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Treatment videos to see how easy it is! No cutting, no bleeding, no licking at the surgery site, no sutures, and no risk of infection.

If you want to remove those pesky 'warty' bumps from your pet's skin that bother you every time you pet him or her, call us at 215-773-9494 to make an appointment.

Happy 21st Birthday CBAH!BdayCBAH.jpg
(Nov 6, 2016)

Central Bucks Animal Hospital first opened it's doors Friday morning, November 10, 1995 after many, many weeks of planning and organizing. Our first client brought her new little kitty to us for a check-up that morning; she lived and thrived for 20 years under our care. We have grown considerably since our Grand Opening, adding new equipment and staff, and moving to our present location in 2005.

We are excited about the future and hope to celebrate many more birthdays to come!

Happy Halloween
(Oct 23, 2016) - image: courtesy


Welcome to Our New Website
(Sep 29,2016)
Our original website was starting to look a little tired and 'creaky' so we teamed up with VetMatrix to give it a new, improved more modern look. We have been working on it for a month now, and it just went live today! We hope you like the new look.