• Dr
    Dr Frank Gadusek earned a BS degree in Psychology and Zoology from Duke University. After working three years as a research technician at William H. Rorer Pharmaceuticals, he entered the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated with honors in 1983. Dr G then served four years as a Captain in the US Army Veterinary Corps and was assigned to duty stations as varied as Charleston Navy Base, Ft Carson, Colorado, and a Military Training Mission in Saudi Arabia. Returning to civilian life, Dr G moved to Philadelphia and worked as a staff veterinarian at Society Hill Veterinary Hospital, and later at Flowers Mill Veterinary Hospital in Langhorne. Fulfilling a long held dream, Dr G. opened Central Bucks Animal Hospital in 1995. When he can wrap an extra day around a long weekend, you can find Dr. G relaxing in Wellsboro, PA., hiking and enjoying the Wilds around the Pine Creek Gorge area.
  • Donna
    Donna is our Office Manager. What she does is to be aware of everything and make sure all things run smoothly and efficiently at Central Bucks Animal Hospital. That's a big job but Donna's past work experiences have made her uniquely qualified for this position. She has managed a horse riding stable, a construction company, a Burger King and a boarding kennel. She has bred and sold Yorkie dogs. She has been a bill collector and a veterinary assistant. When Dr Gadusek was planning the opening of Central Bucks Animal Hospital in 1995, Donna volunteered to start with him. Her input and hard work has helped make CBAH the wonderful veterinary clinic it is today. When not cracking the whip at her job, Donna is enjoying her 3 dogs and Jinx, her cat. She is an avid walker, walking 5 miles a day 5 days a week or more with her dogs. Donna enjoys many of her weekends browsing the flea markets and shopping outlets of the Poconos, and hiking in Rickett's Glen State Park.
  • Kelly
    Kelly joined our CBAH Team as a Veterinary Assistant in 2011. Before that, she volunteered at a Cat Rescue Organization for 6 years. She also enjoyed working, 'in another life' as she puts it, as a FedEx Customer Service Representative. That makes her a very unusual combination of being both a 'people-person' and a 'pet-person' - a definite asset to Central Bucks Animal Hospital. Her 'kids' are her 5 cats. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and loves to get away to the south Delaware waterfront with her husband.