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Try NexGard For Free

is a next generation oral flea and tick medication for dogs from Merial, the makers of the trusted, tried-and-true Frontline Plus.
Each dose of NexGard kills both disease-carrying FLEAS and TICKS for a whole month, just like Frontline Plus, but you give it orally as a tasty beef-flavored chew instead of squeezing it onto your pet's skin. We have been offering NexGard for about 2 years now and our clients are raving about it.

We especially recommend NexGard for:
1) dogs who have fleas or ticks that Frontline Plus is no longer as effective as it used to be,
2) for dogs that get itchy, or are annoyed by the liquid Frontline squeezed on their skin between the shoulder blades,
3) for clients who themselves are sensitive to contact with topical insecticides when they pet their dog, and
4) for clients who have young children and want to avoid exposing them to topical insecticides when playing with their dog.

To learn more about NexGard, go to Merial's Website here.

For our clients, Merial is now offering a 1 month Free Trial Dose of NexGard you can get here at Central Bucks Animal Hospital. You may receive a mailing from Merial for the Free Dose, but if you are impatient, you can download the Free Trial Coupon here and bring it into us. We also have plenty of coupons here, so you can just stop in and pick up your free dose of NexGard and we take care of all the paperwork for you.